NRS 433V All Weeks Discussions

NRS 433V All Weeks Discussions

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NRS 433V All Weeks Discussions

NRS 433V Module 1 DQ 1 

Identify two areas of nursing practice, which evidence-based practice has improved patient outcomes. State the study and its impact on patient care. How have these findings changed your nursing practice? Please support your response with a minimum of two supporting peer reviewed articles.

NRS 433V Module 1 DQ 2 

What similarities and differences can you identify between the nursing process and the research process?

NRS 433V Module 2 DQ 1 

The theoretical foundations of qualitative and quantitative methods are very different, but many researchers believe both methods should be used in the research study to increase validity and reliability. 

What advantages or disadvantages do you see in using both types of methods in a nursing study? Support your answer with current evidence-based literature.

NRS 433V Module 2 DQ 2 

Nursing research is used to study a dilemma or a problem in nursing.

Examine a problem you have seen in nursing. Why should it be studied? Justify your rationale.

NRS 433V Module 3 DQ 1 

The three types of qualitative research are phenomenological, grounded theory, and ethnographic research.

What are the differences and similarities between two of the three types of studies?

NRS 433V Module 3 DQ 2 

Qualitative data has been described as voluminous and sometimes overwhelming to the researcher. In what ways could a researcher manage and organize the data?

NRS 433V Module 4 DQ 1

Extraneous variables may have an influence on the dependent variable. In what ways do researchers attempt to control extraneous variables? Support your answer with current literature.

NRS 433V Module 4 DQ 2

Using established guidelines, critique the dat

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