Nucleus/el Núcleo
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Nucleus/el Núcleo


This lesson will describe the structure and function of the nucleus of a cell.

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En esta lección vamos a discutir la estructura y la función del núcleo. Así que el núcleo es un orgánulo celular, que se encuentra en las células eucariotas.


(0:00-0:45) Nucleus Overview

(0:46-2:55) Nuclear Envelope and the Nucleolus

(2:56-4:02) Chromatin


  • Nucleus

    ​A cell organelle found in eukaryotic cells that houses the DNA and controls activity within the cell.

  • DNA

    ​DNA stores an organism’s genetic information.

  • Nuclear Envelope

    A double membrane that surrounds the nucleus.

  • Nucleolus

    A structure found within the nucleus that produces subunits of ribosomes.

  • Chromatin

    ​A form of uncondensed DNA found within the nucleus of the cell.

  • Chromosomes

    A condensed form of DNA that occurs when the cell is dividing.