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Nursery Rhyme with MyCreate

Nursery Rhyme with MyCreate

Author: Jessie Dietz
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Humpty Dumpty

We have been reading many Nursery Rhymes in class over the last week and watching videos acting out the different Nursery Rhymes that we have been reading. Today you are going to get the chance to read another Nursery Rhymes called Humpty Dumpty and make your own video of the nursery rhyme. We are going to focus on rhyming works and the begging, middle and end of a story. 


First, I want you to read the Nursery Rhymes Humpty Dumpty. First, read the story looking for rhyming words then read the story again and think about the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 

Now take the Rhyming cards and create a Rhyme family using the photos and pictures from the story. 

Now use the penguin story map to decide the beginning middle and end of the story. 

Watch the Humpty Dumpty video to get some ideas for creating your own video. 

Now its time to get out those iPads. 

We are going to be using the my create app. With just one quick click you can take a picture and then move your characters around and then capture it again and again and again until you have create your own story. Today we are going to be making our own videos of Humpty Dumpty. 

Please watch the short video on how to use Mycreate Application

Below is a sample project of what your video is expected to look like.

Before you start creating your video you will need your Humpty Dumpty story pieces and your ipad. Once you are ready you may begin. Have fun. 


Humpty Dumpty Sample Project