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Nutrition & Hydration

Nutrition & Hydration

Author: Kathy Girard

Describe the importance of proper nutrition

List the six basic nutrients

Describe the USDA's MyPlate

Identify nutritional problems of the elderly or ill

Describe factors that influence food preferences

Explain the role of the dietary department

Explain special diets

Explain thickened liquids and identify three basic thickened consistencies

Describe how to make dining enjoyable for residents

Explain how to serve meal trays and assist with eating

Describe how to assist residents with special needs

Define dysphagia and identify signs and symptoms of swallowing problems

Explain intake and output (I&O)

Identify ways to assist residents in maintaining fluid balance

Understand what nutrition is how you can help residents in long-term care to get adequate nutrition and hydration

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Source: Kathy Girard