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Observation Stations

Observation Stations

Author: Emily Hoopman

Learning Target: Students will be able to make quantitative and qualitative observations, and use those observations to make inferences about each station.

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Pre-Lab Video (Watch First!)

Lab Sheet (Send to Notability!)


Observation Station #1: The Great Escape

Observation Station #2: Magnetic Personality

Observation Station #3: Curious Cup

Observation Station #4: Crazy Coin

Observation Station #5: Candle Cover-Up

Observation Station #6: Fizzy Fun

Final Reflection: Observation Stations

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Enrichment #1: Reading & Practice Quiz

Read and Try the Quiz!


Enrichment #2: Video-10 Amazing Science Tricks

Enrichment #3: Quizizz Review Game

Quizizz Game: Click to Play!

Enrichment #4: At Home Observation Stations


Enrichment #5: Practice Problems