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Obtaining Patient Information

Obtaining Patient Information

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Verify patient information to ensure correct identification.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to greet patients in Spanish and then gather the information you will need in order to assist them. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Al Saludar al Paciente y al Obtener Su Información (Greeting the Patient and Obtaining Patient Information)

1. Al Saludar al Paciente y al Obtener Su Información (Greeting the Patient and Obtaining Patient Information)

The following expressions will be useful to you when you need to initiate conversation with a patient and ask for the necessary information.

English Spanish Pronunciation
May I help you? ¿Cómo puedo servirle? koh-mo p'way-doe sair-beer-lay
Can I help the next person in line? ¿Puedo ayudar a la próxima persona? p’way-doe ah-yoo-darr ah la proke-see-ma pair-so-nah
Have you ever had prescriptions filled here? ¿Hemos surtido sus recetas antes? ay-mohs sewer-tee-doe suess ray-say-tahs ahn-tace
Has the patient ever had prescriptions filled here? ¿Hemos surtido las recetas del (de la) paciente antes? ay-mohs sewer-tee-doe lahs ray-say-tahs dale (day la) pa-see-ain-tay ahn-tace
What is your (full) name? ¿Cuál es su nombre completo? k’wall ace sue noam-bray coam-play-toe
Write it down, please. Escríbalo, por favor. ace-kree-bah-lo, pore fah-bore
What is your address? ¿Cuál es su dirección? k’wall ace sue dee-rake-see-own
What is your (his/her) phone number (preferred / home / mobile)? ¿Cuál es su número de teléfono (preferido / de casa / cellular)? k’wall ace sue noo-may-row day tay-lay-fo-no (pray-fay-ree-doe / day kah-sah / say-loo-lar)
Do you need help? ¿Necesita ayuda? nay-say-see-tah ah-yoo-dah
What is your (his/her) date of birth? ¿Cuál es su fecha de nacimiento? k’wall ace sue fay-chah day nah-see-me-ain-toe
Please write out the month. Favor de deletrear el mes. fah-bore day day-lay-tray-are ale mace
I need to see your ID. Necesito ver su identificación. Nay-say-see-toe bare sue ee-dain-tee-fee-kah-see-own
Please bring your ID when you pick-up your medication. Favor de llevar su identificación cuando recoge su medicina. fah-bore day yay-bar sue ee-dain-tee-fee-kah-see-own k’wahn-doe ray-co-hay sue may-dee-see-nah
What is your weight? ¿Cuánto pesa? k’wahn-toe pay-sah
Do you prefer that all of your medication instructions and materials are in Spanish? ¿Prefiere que todas las instrucciones y la información para su medicina sean en español? pray-fee-air-ay kay toe-dahs lahs een-strook-see-own-ace ee la een-for-mah-see-own pah-rah sue may-dee-see-nah say-ahn ain ace-pahn-yole
Wait a moment while I get someone to assist you. Espere un momento mientras notifico a alguien que le ayude. ace-pay-ray oon mo-main-toe me-ain-trahs no-tee-fee-koh ah all-guee-ain que lay ah-you-day
Do you understand? ¿Comprende? comb-prain-day
Do you have someone you can trust with you who can speak English and Spanish? ¿Hay alguien consigo hoy en quien confía que hable inglés y español? eye all-guee-ain cone-see-go oh-ee ain key-ain cone-fee-ah kay ah-blay een-glace ee ace-pahn-yole
Let me get that for you. Lo obtengo para usted. lo obe-tain-go pa-rah oo-staid
Let me show you where you can find that product. Voy a mostrarle dónde está ese producto. boy ah moe-strar-lay doan-day ace-tah ay-say pro-dook-toe

In this lesson, you learned how to greet patients when they arrive at the pharmacy and then obtain patients' information in Spanish in order to further assist them. The expressions taught in this lesson will be useful for basic interactions with patients in your profession.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.