Odd & Even Numbers

Odd & Even Numbers

Author: Danielle Croge
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Welcome Class!

Tonights lesson we will be exploring odd and even numbers. In order for you guys to get a better understand please watch the short clips I have provided, and the examples. After you you feel like your understanding the lesson, take the quiz below. Make sure you come into class with questions and an understanding of odd and even numbers because we will be going over it more. Try your best & have fun! See you tomorrow!

Odd and Even Song

Here is a song to help you guys start remembering even and odd numbers. Watch the video and learn the song. If you can sing it in class, there may be a surprise! (:

Odd and Even Lesson

Here is a quick explanation of Odd and Even numbers. Review the slides and take notes from it. Tomorrow in class I will explain the lesson more.

Even Steven and Odd Todd

Here is just a fun video about even and odds. Even Steven and Odd Todd will help you remember the numbers!

Meet Even Steven and Odd Todd.
Even Steven - loves even numbers like 0,2,4,6,8
Odd Todd - loves odd numbers like 1,3,5,7


Once you feel like you have an understanding of the lesson, please take the short quiz. I will go over the answers and your questions tomorrow in class!