OL 324 Final Project

OL 324 Final Project

Author: Jean Brunner


The final project for this course is the creation of an organizational quality plan in which you will focus on a quality issue experienced by a chosen company.
The focus of the final project is to select a company that has endured quality issues and to develop an organizational quality plan. You may select a company that you currently work for or a prior employer. You may also select a well-known company that you are interested in. You are encouraged to select a company that has an ample amount of information available, whether that is through firsthand knowledge (an employer) or through research (a well-known company).
The project is divided into two milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions
The following critical elements must be addressed in your completed paper:
1. Company Background and History. Provide a brief company history that includes the company’s origins, founders, main products, and services, as well as the industries the company services.
2. Description of Quality Issue. Describe the quality issue and the impact the issue has had on the company.
3. Quality Culture. Describe the company’s quality culture and explain whether the culture played a part in the quality issue.
4. Voice of the Customer. Explain the impact the quality issue has had on the company’s customers and describe the customers’ reactions to the quality issue.
5. Change Management Plan. Provide a detailed plan that includes the following elements to bring about change within the company and to overcome the quality issue
a. Quality Theories. Explain which quality theories you would follow to bring about change and explain why you chose those theories.
b. Quality Tools and Techniques. Identify at least three quality tools and techniques that you would implement to improve the company’s quality.
c. Implementing Change. Explain the process and procedures you would take to implement these changes within the organization.
d. Resistance to Change. Explain some of the potential challenges that may prevent implementation.
6. Expected Outcomes. Provide a summary of the expected outcomes and how these changes will impact the organizational quality culture
Milestone One: Proposal In task 2-2, you will identify the company you have chosen to research and write about, including company history, your rationale, and the company’s quality issue. This submission will be graded with the Milestone One Rubric
Milestone Two: Outline In task 5-2, you will submit a detailed outline of your final paper, including scholarly resources to be used. This submission will be graded pass/fail based on the Milestone Two Guidelines and Checklist document
Requirements of Submission: The final project submission should include a cover page, approximately six to eight pages of content, and a reference page. The paper must use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. You must include a minimum of four scholarly sources, following APA guidelines for citations and references

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