OL 663 Final Project

OL 663 Final Project

Author: Jean Brunner


To be an effective leader , one must be able to lead change efforts in a way that is collaborative and demonstrates the culture of the organization . At some point, all leaders will be tasked with either leading an organizational change effort or being part of upper - leve l team planning and implementation of an organizational change effort. Your final project in this course is the development of a change plan based on a case study . Your plan will utilize Kotter’s change implementation plan components for an organization. Kotter’s plan will take you through steps that demonstrate what should be looked at during each step of a change effort. Changes take time to implement, and it is vital that all aspects of an organization are consider ed when making these changes. This project addresses the following course outcomes:
 Determine the root causes and driving forces for effectively implementing a n organizational change effort
 Diagnose gap differences between current situations and targeted goals of change efforts for determining the needs of a change effort
 Analyze the impact of a change effort for its implications on the roles of employees
 Predict areas and causes of resistance within an organization to develop a well - informed, effective change plan  Determine the communication needs in a change effort involving employees for successfully implementing a change effort  Enhance the influence of organizational culture on organizational change efforts Prompt In this project , you will develop a change plan based on a case study with stated objectives to accomplish an intended goal or goals . Once the objectives are established , you will build backward from those goal (s) in order to develop a timeline for completion in a phase - by - phase sequence. This change plan will analyze what is needed for the implementation of a change to be successful and things to look out for along the way. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Analysis and Diagnosis A. What is the problem in need of addressing at this point in time? Describe which forces are driving the change effort . B. How did this problem arise ? Determine how this problem is currently impacting the organization . C. Identify the specific organizational needs driving the change. Explain each. D. Identify specific variables , conditions, issues, individuals, and other factors that will impact the change effort negatively. Describe how these should be handled prior to planning the change effort . E. What are the underlying causes of the problem? How should these be addressed?

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