OL 690 Final Project Corporate Social Responsibility Journal and Plan

OL 690 Final Project Corporate Social Responsibility Journal and Plan

Author: Jean Brunner


The final project for this course is the creation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan. In Modules Two through Eight, you will evaluate how a company is exemplifying corporate citizenship. You will use an individual journal space to record reflections on how the content covered in the modules relates to the company you have selected. As the final paper, you will develop a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan for your selected company. This final product represents an authentic demonstration of the competencies achieved in this course as you put into action all that you have learned. The project is divided into 8 milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions.
Main Elements
The Final Project has three parts:
Part 1: Selection of a CSR-oriented corporation for journal reflections. This must be approved by the instructor (Module One: 1–2 pages)
Part 2: Evaluation of the selected company’s exemplifying corporate citizenship completed through journal reflections. (Modules Two-Eight: at least 500 words for each post)
Part 3: Final Paper—Social Responsibility Plan (Module Nine: 8–12 pages).
Part 1: Selection of a CSR-Oriented Corporation:
Select a publicly traded company of which you are a stakeholder. This may be a company:
Whose products you use
That is part of your local community
That pays your salary
In which you invest
Note: Your instructor must approve the company you select. After your company has been approved, in modules Two through Eight you will evaluate how the company is exemplifying corporate citizenship. This reflection/research will be completed in the weekly journal posts.

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