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Olympians (Mythology 4)

Olympians (Mythology 4)

Author: Sarah Landis

To learn about the fourteen Olympians (broadly defined), specifically:

  • the Greek and Latin names
  • their domains
  • their iconography, including symbols/attributes and physical appearance
  • key stories about each

If you know anything about classical mythology, you know the Olympians. Use the links below to study up on the names, titles, associations, and stories you'll need to identify in the GoogleForm at the bottom.

Key Terms:

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You usually hear about twelve Olympians, but I'm counting fourteen:

  1. Zeus2
  2. Hera
  3. Poseidon2
  4. Demeter
  5. Hades12
  6. Hestia1
  7. Athena2
  8. Aphrodite
  9. Apollo2
  10. Artemis
  11. Ares
  12. Hephaestus
  13. Hermes
  14. Dionysus

1These two are Olympians, in that they're siblings of the four above them and fought alongside them (from their base on Mt. Olympus) during the Titanomachy and Gigantomachy. But they're not Olympians in the sense that they don't have thrones/palaces/places at the gods' feasts on Mt. Olympus. (Hades lives in the Underworld, after all, and Hestia gave up her former place to make room for her young nephew Dionysus.)


2The five gods with this indicator don't have summary pages on Their links will take you to their main articles instead. Use the "index" on the left or Ctrl+F to navigate to what you need.


Use the links above and below to study the following topics as they relate to each of the fourteen gods above:

  • names (both Greek and Latin)
  • titles and epithets
  • domains / powers
  • symbolic animals, plants, and objects
  • physical appearance
  • related characters
  • key stories

It may be helpful to check out the GoogleForm at the bottom of this page, to see how you'll be assessed on this information.

List of attributes and overall iconography. See also Encyclopedia Mythica.

Source: Theoi Greek Mythology; Susanne Hofstra @ Univ. Texas; Laurel Bowman @ Univ. Victoria; Encyclopedia Mythica

video from the History Channel

This hits a lot of what you need, but not 100%.


Olympians HW Check

Unfortunately, there's some scrolling involved with this form. (Fourteen gods makes for a wide chart.)

Source: Sarah Landis