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Online Education Advances

Online Education Advances

Author: Anna Everson

Education and academics have, for centuries, been taught within the walls of brick and mortar. Not anymore. Along with the invention of the computer and then the internet, it became apparent that online education was destined to come around. And it did.

Law School

Nowadays there is a school through Kaplan University where you can actually go to Law school and take all your classes online. It's called Concorde University and it's quite a school. After conducting some research, it's not so easy to get in. Students wanting to attend the school must go through interviews on the phone and pass a test to get in. It's not the LSAT, but it is a competitive test. We took it and went through the interview process, took the test, filled out the application and were accepted. But it was not an easy process by any means.

These schools are not accredited by the American Bar Association, so graduates are limited to practice in the Federal Courts only and they can practice Immigration Law.

Post Education

There are many colleges now that are totally online and are actually have the same accreditations that the brick and mortar schools have. Phoenix University is one of these schools. It is almost exclusively taken online and upon graduation, you can move into a career in the field you studied.

Additionally, most brick and mortar schools offer online classes each semester. I have rarely heard a recent college graduate say they didn't take at least one online class throughout their studies. And frankly, the majority of them didn't like them. The majority say they are harder than regular traditional classroom classes. I would think that would be true. It takes a tremendous amount of self discipline to take an online class. But it can be done.


Teachers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and others who may have to take recertification classes, usually every five years, buying a paper, may turn to online accredited classes to do so. They don't have the time to attend a local college, and frankly it's easier for them to take online classes when they get off work, and on the weekends.


An advantage of getting an online education is the convenience factor. It is easier to work on your own time schedule than to have to be at class at a college at a certain time. Also, it's sometimes quicker, since you can work at your own pace. This is not always the case, though as some schools only offer classes on a per semester basis.


Online studying takes a tremendous amount of self discipline. You have to get yourself in front of that computer and study without the study groups a brick and mortar institution may have. Also, you miss out on the socialization that traditional schools offer.

In the end, there are advantages and disadvantages to online education. But it is worth checking into.

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