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Online Forums

Online Forums

Author: Amber Coleman

The objective for this tutorial is to prove and examine why online forums are an educational trend in today's world.

It is important to note that online forums are not restricted to just universities or schools. Online forums can talk about anything from a class to even cars. (My husband religiously checks and updates on several corvette online forums at least once a day.) Even though it is not in a school setting, education is still taking place. It is so interesting that anyone can join a forum site, and people can learn just about anything from these sites. It is important to know that schools and universities make up the majority of online forums, but at any rate, they are all important in education.

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Online Forum Source

This is a great source on information for online forums. It goes into great detail about the importance of online forums in the "classroom."


Online Forums

The most important aspect of online forums are that they fuel learning. They are vital to online education. Forums act as the ground for communication for online education, and it is where students interact with other students. There is nothing like student-to-student interaction in the classroom because it brings up different perspectives from every angle. With online learning, there is no physical "classroom," but online forums serve as the "classroom" for students. It is very important for online learning to include forums of discussion, but not only a space for discussion, but there must be actual discussion. Some online classes have a forum just for the sake of having one, and it never gets used. It is a real treat when interaction happens between students. Students actually can learn more from their peers rather than just from a textbook.

Video: Teaching with Online Discussion Forums

This is a great video that describes online forums, and how important they are for online learning.