Online Video - INTC Stockton

Online Video - INTC Stockton

Author: Douglas Harvey

Pre-service and in-service teachers will demonstrate the integration of online videos to support learning, as evidenced by the creation of a lesson plan and sharing of a link to an online video(s) that are integrated as part of the lesson.

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21st Century Classroom: YouTube @ Kent-Meridian High School

Learn about how one teacher, Mike Christiansen, a 9th grade social studies teacher at Kent-Meridian High School in Kent, WA, uses YouTube in his classroom to transform it into a 21st century learning environment.

Learn about online video for K-12 teachers

Start with perusing these resources to learn about how online video can be utilized with your learners:

Edutopia has a terrific short primer on the options for online video at : http://www.edutopia.org/youtube-educational-videos-classroom

50 Ways to Use Video in the Classroom - including flipping the classroom and having students make video, but focus for this topic on the uses of showing videos: http://community.eflclassroom.com/profiles/blogs/50-ways-to-use-video-in-the-classroom

Seeing is Believing - an article from Education World that may give you some good ideas: http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/profdev040.shtml