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•Why would someone be interested in this particular tool?

  •  Open study is a site that an educator may be excited about because it allows students to get together and study class material. It lets student challenge each other by setting up quizzes, and letting each other take them.•

•Is this a "fad" or does the tool represent an evolution of learning or training? Why?

  • This is a evolving teaching technique that is on the rise, students are learning about it all over. It is a useful to challenge each other and study and share material.

•What are the advantages for someone who uses this software tool?

  • •One of the advantages of this software over similar programs is that it is free. Students and teachers can sign up for this website for free. They can use it to connect with students from all over.

•Why should busy teachers and eLearning professionals care?

  • •Teachers and eLearning professionals should care about this software because it is easy to use and available to all of their students without cost. 

•Describe ONE EXAMPLE of your choice how this software tool could be applied.

  • •One example of this software tool is that a math student, that might get stuck on a problem. Could post the question and ask for help from students all over. They can also connect with students in their class and from all over to study material.