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Open Syllables

Open Syllables

Author: Marla Retano

1.  Recognize an open syllable.

2.  Be able to show the sign for an open syllable.

The second of six syllable types ((1) closed, (2) open, (3) bossy r, (4) vowel team, (5) vowel-consonant-e, and (6) final, stable syllable)

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Open Syllable

Watch the PowerPoint to learn about open syllables.

Open Syllable Practice

Look at the syllables and decide if they are open syllables or not.

Syllable Practice

Use ABC READING MAGIC 3 ipad app to practice syllables for 10 minutes. Tap on the timer below when you're ready to start the app.



Tap the timer and use ABC READING MAGIC 3 on the ipad to practice syllables for 10 minutes.

Watch the video to see how to recognize and split open syllable words.