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Opening Doors with MIT OpenCourse Ware

Opening Doors with MIT OpenCourse Ware

Author: Attiyya Mujahid

The objective of this learning packet is to provide learners with an overview of MIT OpenCourse Ware.

  • About OpenCourse Ware
  • The Facts
  • The Courses
  • What others are saying

The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship.  Committed to this goal, MIT created the online publication OpenCourse Ware, which provides students FREE access to course content.  Prospective students can download syllabi, reading assignments, problem sets, tests and other materials for hundreds of courses.  MIT is not the only university inspired by the concept of free education for all, there are several other prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale and Carnegie-Mellon that are also expanding  access to educational materials for those that wish to learn.

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MIT OpenCourse Ware - An Overview

In 2000, MIT proposed OpenCourse Ware, which was inspired by the advancements of the Internet and the mission to educate students. MIT published the first site in 2002, which listed almost 50 courses. By November 2007, MIT completed the initial publication of virtually the entire curriculum, with over 1,800 courses in 33 academic disciplines.

Get the Facts about MIT OpenCourseWare

Details about MIT OpenCourse Ware

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Courses - MIT OpenCourse Ware

There are over 2000 free courses available throught the MIT OpenCourse Ware. To access the course listing visit


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What others are saying

Meet a few of the students that are currently using MIT OpenCourse Ware

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