Order of Operations

Order of Operations

Author: Jessica Bartley
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What are we doing?

Tonight, we will be starting a lesson on the order of operations.  Here, I have posted a video and a website explaining this lesson.  You will have the option to observe either or both, whichever works best for you.  Whichever you choose, make sure you are taking thorough notes and writing down all examples given.  I will be checking your notebooks in class.  At the end, you will be filling out the WSQ, preparing you for tomorrow's class assignment.

Option 1: Video

Here is a video explaining the Order of Operation. If you choose this option, view the full video and take notes.

Option 2: Website

The link below will bring you to a website that explains the Order of Operations.  I want you to click on each of the five links under the title Order of Operations Lesson.  Make sure you are taking notes while going through the links.

Order of Operations Lesson

Here is a fun video of a PEMDAS song that could help you remember the acronym.



















Use the image above to assist you in the following examples.

1. 2 + (6x4) - 32 =

2. (2x5) + 4 x 7 = 

3. 6 - 2 x (2x3)=