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Order of Operations - Order Matters.

Order of Operations - Order Matters.

Author: Kim McCorkle

I will be able to use the rules of the order of operations to correctly solve expressions.

I will be able to list the rules of the order of operations.

I will be able to recognize different forms of expressing multiplication and division.


A two day lesson over Order of Operations.

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Introduction Instructions

Read carefully before you begin.


Different Ways to Show Multiplication and Division


GEMS Journal Entry


Order of Operations: GEMS

Journal Entry

Now you will make a journal entry. You need: a piece of notebook paper, pencil, scissors and four markers - green, blue, red and black. Please take care of the markers and return them to the pouch they came from. Return the pouch to the table for the next person. If none are available now, you can get started anyway and get the markers when you need them.


In the next video you will be asked to do a couple of order of operations problems. Take out a piece of notebook paper. During the video I will write an expression, ask you to pause the video and solve the problem. When you are done solving, hit play. Put the completed work in your binder.

GEMS Video

Practice with "GEMS" and see how I need to have the work shown.

Take the quiz.

Take the quiz you can find on the right side of this page. I will be able to see the results including how many time it took you to get the right answers! Read carefully and do not guess!

Order of Operations Practice

  • There is a worksheet on the front table with a number of order of operations practice problems. Please take one.
  • ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN EITHER ON THE SHEET OR ON NOTEBOOK PAPER and create a GEM!!! It will not be accepted otherwise.
  • When you are finished, there is a "quiz" on Edmodo. All you need to do is type in the answer you got to the problems and submit the quiz. It will tell you what you missed.
  • On a separate sheet of notebook paper, go back and correct the problems you missed.
  • Put your completed work with your name on it in the "in" bin for your class!

I have posted a video below that is meant as a poor substitute for me to be with you as you work a problem. If you get stuck, use it!

Step-by-Step GEMS

You may watch this with every single problem if you want.

When you are done...

Done already? You are sure now, right? You gave me your very best work? If not, go back and do so. Remember, you get to choose which path you take...

If you are really done, I have an assignment for you for extra credit:

Choose 5 numbers and four operations. From those 5 numbers and four operations, put them in an order, for example:


Solve the problem as you wrote it - showing me the GEMS work. (You may need to change the numbers or operations to get an expression you can simplify.)

Now rewrite it without changing the order of the operations or numbers with parenthesis to get a different answer - again solve it showing me the GEMS work. Example:


See if you can write another, if you can, show me the work and the answer, if not, tell me why.

I have left poster board with the substitute. You must show the substitute a rough draft before you get a piece of poster board.!

Make a poster showing your three expressions and your "GEMS" work neatly and with color. Title your poster "Order Matters!" Be sure to put your name on it!

Done again! You are kidding right?

If you truly feel you are done and have given me your very best work. Write me a note telling me that and sign it.

On my Wix site there is a page with links to order of operations games, you will find it on the tab 9/26-30. You may play on those and those only!!!!! Please list on notebook paper the game you played and your score each time. Hand it in to the "in" bin.