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Leadership Communication Case Study Analysis

This assignment will not only help you improve your leadership and communication skills, it will also establish the foundation for other courses you take at CSU-Global.

For this assignment, analyze the following case, which is related to leadership communication:

Ben Williams is the CEO of a public relations firm. He has four direct reports who are in charge of different components of his firm including operations, human resources, finance, and administrative support. On a semiannual basis, the firm surveys the employees to assess their level of satisfaction with the leadership.

Williams has noticed a trend in survey results over the last year. Comments and scores indicate the staff is unhappy with the level of communication from the top down. Williams does not understand why this is an issue.

Currently, Williams communicates with staff when there is a problem or if he believes they need to make a change. He does this by telling them exactly what they need to do, but not why they need to do it. Staff often find out about new projects when others have already begun working on them. Williams does not like electronic communications, nor does he believe that meetings are useful. However, as he reviews this trend, he realizes he must change the way he communicates.

This assignment will consist of two steps that you will include in the same document:

Component 1: Finding Credible Material (Appendix): The first step in this process is to evaluate the credibility of sources. The foundation of critical thinking is the ability to assess the credibility of a source. Please follow the next steps to evaluate the credibility of your sources. Include the steps you used as an Appendix to your main paper: Find a peer-reviewed journal article in the CSU-Global Library on the topic of “leadership and communication” that fits the issue you are writing about. Use the information on Page II in this module and in the Writing an Effective Essay handout to help you.

1.     Summarize the article and explain how it addresses your work or life issue with regard to leadership and communication.

2.     Discuss the process of finding this scholarly article in the CSU-Global Library. In your discussion, answer the following questions:

3.     Explain whether or not this was the first time you used the Library.

4.     Describe the key words you used to find your topic.

iii. Were you able to find an article on leadership and communication that related to your issue right away, or did you have to use different key words to find the right article? Explain and describe your process.

1.     According to the chart on Page II of this module, what are the characteristics of a journal article? How does a journal article differ from an article in a magazine or newspaper? (You should summarize this information in your own words.)

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