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Organization analysis- Wal-mart

Organization analysis- Wal-mart

Author: lashawn lashawn

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The paper has been done parts so just need some parts.

Wal-mart's Competitor Analysis

Wal-mart's Resources

Wal-mart's Capabilities

Wal-mart's Core Competencies

Wal-mart's 4 Criteria of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Value Chain Analysis

Wal-mart's Business-level strategies


Business-Level Strategy and the industry cycle (growth industry, mature industry, declining industry)

Competitive Dynamics

2 Examples of corporate-level strategies Wal-mart has used or using

3 Strategic Recommendations and actions deatil (according to SWOT Analysis)


I have done other parts of this paper but still need above points to be done. This is urgency. 

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