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organizational analysis - Wal-mart

organizational analysis - Wal-mart

Author: robert tatham

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organizational analysis - Wal-mart
APA format
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Use "Wal-mart" as company name in this whole essay.
Including the following contents.

At least 15 pages.
Introduction(less than 1 page)
Global segment
Competitor Analysis
Resources - Financial Resources / Physical / Resources / Technological Resources / Human Resources/ Innovation Resources / Reputational Resources / 
The Four Criteria of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Value Chain Analysis
Business-Level Strategies
Competitive Dynamics
Corporate-Level Strategies
Market Power
Resources & Diversification
Merger & Acquisition Strategies 
(Horizontal integration, vertical integration, and related acquisitions)

Cooperative Strategy (alliances)
Organizational Structure and Controls
Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation

strategic ‘Recommendations’ 
attachments is a sample of this project.
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