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In a PowerPoint presentation (10 slides), explain why organizational structures differ. Define and provide an example of the four reasons why structures differ, which are as follows:
1. strategy,
2. organizational size,
3. technology, and
4. environment.
Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide by utilizing APA formatting. Cite at three scholarly article. Title and reference slides do not count toward the required length of the presentation. Use the slide notes function, when appropriate, to clarify the purpose and intent for each slide.
See attached readings!
Business leaders from around the world discuss how they have changed the structure of their companies to accelerate growth in this video.
 EY Global. (2014, October 22). Changing organizational structure [Video file]. Retrieved from
Review this video to see how the McMurdo Group began working within a matrix structure.McMurdoGroup. (2015, June 30). Succeeding in a matrix organization [Video file]. Retrieved from
Watch this 4.5 minute clip on organizational design.
Glenn, M. (2012, March 19). Michael Glenn overview organization design [Video file]. Retrieved from

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