Organize & Collaborate: Professional GoogleDrive Account

Organize & Collaborate: Professional GoogleDrive Account

Author: Caryn Horrigan

This tutorial will explain:

- the benefits of starting a professional Google Drive account for mentors

- how to start and develop your Google Drive account

- how to share a single document with another person

- how to create a shared folder for team or project collaboration


This tutorial addresses these standards:

  • Baltimore City Mentor Framework: 

- 1.1.1: Use data to develop learning experiences that meet the individual and collective needs of beginning teachers

- 1.2.1: Facilitate teacher learning and reflecting using a variety of learning opportunities

1.2.2: Create targeted learning opportunities based on individual teacher needs, prompt teacher to create own learning experiences.

  • Baltimore City Model Rubric

- Standard 4.0: Leadership - How do I make my colleagues and community better?

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Why I Love My Professional Google Drive Account

This is a brief tutorial to explain why creating a separate, professional-only Gmail address has been impactful for me in professional collaboration, organization, and productivity.

Google Drive Overview

Completely new to the concept of Google Drive?
- Yes: Watch this video for a fun, basic overview of what it is and why use it.
- No: Skip it and move on to the following videos to go deeper.

Source: YouTube channel for Google Help

Creating Shared Folders for Project Collaboration

This short tutorial will show how to create shared Google Drive folders for team collaboration on a specific project.

Drive for Beginners: Document Collaboration Overview

Overview of simultaneous document collaboration, editing, and commenting. If you've already shared/collaborated on a document, move on for more!

Source: Google Help channel