Organizing Space

Organizing Space

Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson you will learn to identify some of the basic components for organizing space in a layout.

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Source: Image of Extra, by Maria Tucker Image of Save the Date, by Maria Tucker Image of Flapper Time, Public Domain Image of New York Times, Public Domain Image of Gutenberg Bible, Creative Commons

  • Text

    Also known as body copy: one of two general terms used to describe type size. Text is type 12 points or smaller which distinguishes it from headlines.

  • Display

    One of two general terms used to describe type size. Display type is larger than text and suitable for use in a headline.

  • Spread

    The term for two facing pages.

  • Bleed

    In a composition, layout elements which extend all the way to the edge of the picture frame.

  • Column

    In a layout, a defined block of space that contains type or image. Columns are bordered by margins.

  • Alley

    The space between columns.

  • Gutter

    The space between two adjoining pages.