Organizing Space

Organizing Space

Author: Nancy Esslinger

In this lesson you will learn to identify some of the basic components for organizing space in a layout.

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  • Text

    Also known as body copy: one of two general terms used to describe type size. Text is type 12 points or smaller which distinguishes it from headlines.

  • Display

    One of two general terms used to describe type size. Display type is larger than text and suitable for use in a headline.

  • Spread

    The term for two facing pages.

  • Bleed

    In a composition, layout elements which extend all the way to the edge of the picture frame.

  • Column

    In a layout, a defined block of space that contains type or image. Columns are bordered by margins.

  • Alley

    The space between columns.

  • Gutter

    The space between two adjoining pages.