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Orientalism in Architecture and the Decorative Arts

Orientalism in Architecture and the Decorative Arts

Author: Aleisha Olson
This lesson will examine the Moresque style of architecture in the context of Orientalism.
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Introduction to Art History

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This lesson discusses the influence of Colonialism and Orientalism on architectural styles and the decorative arts in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Notes on "Orientalism in Architecture and the Decorative Arts"


(00:00-00:44) Introduction

(00:45-02:45) Orientalism

(02:46-04:03) Sofia Synagogue, Bulgaria

(04:04-04:38) Royal Pavilion, England

(04:39-05:50) Chinoiserie

(05:51-08:04) Delftware, and Artificial Lacquerware

(08:05-08:42) What did we learn?


Terms to Know

Decorative Arts

The design of objects that are both beautiful and useful. Could include furniture, jewelry, and pottery, among other things.


Relating to the Muslim people of North Africa. Also a style of Muslim architecture in Spain.


A synonym for an Islamic decorative style of arabesque or interlaced patterns observed in Mannerism.


The religious faith of Muslims with the basic principle of absolute submission to Allah.


A tower attached to a mosque calling people to prayer.

Arched Window

A feature of Islamic architecture where the window is characterized by having a rounded top.


An 18th-century style of western European art that incorporates the influence of Chinese decorative elements.


A type of tin-glazed pottery produced in the Netherlands from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

Tin-Glazed Pottery

Pottery covered with a shiny white glaze to make it resemble Chinese porcelain.



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