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Author: Amanda Soderlind

The goal of this instructional unit is to introduce the concept of Punnett squares, how and why they are used and give some examples so that students can understand the basics of Punnett squares and solve basic Punnett square problems related to inheritance of traits.

This instructional unit will cover three objectives as follows: 

1.  Given a word problem regarding inheritance of a widow’s peak trait, the learner will be able to identify the genotype of both parents then properly develop a Punnett square with parental alleles.

2. Using the Punnett square constructed in objective 1, the learner will be able to cross parental alleles, articulate the genotype and phenotype of each offspring an then analyze the likelihood that the parents would have a child with a widow’s peak.

3. Considering inheritance patterns of autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive disorders, the learner will be able to predict the likelihood of an offspring inheriting the disorder by analyzing parental alleles. 

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