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Oscillations - Oscilatorno kretanje

Oscillations - Oscilatorno kretanje

Author: Sanja Bulat
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Oscillatory motion

Oscillatory motion is when the body goes the same road for the same time intervals.

For example, one point on a wheel always goes the same way, if it moves smoothly, the time travel in the same time.

The planets move around the Sun is always the same paths for the same time...

Oscilatorno kretanje je kada telo prelazi isti put u istom vremenskom intervalu.

Na primer,jedna tačka na točku uvek prelazi isti put,a ako se kreće ravnomerno,u istom vremenskom intervalu.

Kretanje planeta oko Sunca je uvek po istom putu za isto vreme.

Oscilatorno kretanje

Learn what the oscillatory motion, amplitude, frequency ..
Upoznajte se sa pojmovima amplitude,oscilacije,frekvencije...