Author: Aaron Mullally

This lesson will explain the process of osmosis and will describe the role of osmosis in our bodies.

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Notes on Osmosis


(00:00 – 00:37) Key Terms

(00:38 – 2:42) Osmosis Redefined

(2:43 – 5:54) Mechanics of Osmosis

(5:55 - 6:57) Isotonic Solutions

(6:58 - 7:50) Hypertonic Solutions

(7:51 - 8:55) Hypotonic Solutions and Images

Source: Aaron M

Terms to Know

A type of tonicity where there is a higher concentration of solutes outside of a cell than inside a cell


A type of tonicity where there is a lower concentration of solutes outside of a cell than inside a cell


A type of tonicity where there is an equal amount of solute on both sides of a membrane


The movement of water across a selectively permeable membrane

Passive Transport

Movement of molecules across a membrane without the use of energy

Selectively Permeable

A membrane that can regulate which molecules are able to pass through the membrane and which can't


The concentration gradient of a solute in a solution