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Osteoporosis Terminology

Osteoporosis Terminology

Author: Aaron Mullally

- define the term osteoporosis

- know the difference between primary and secondary osteoprosis

- define the term osteopenia

- know what the term etiology means

- define the term risk factors

- know the difference between modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors

This packet covers some common terms that are not only associated with osteoporosis but with all diseases. Once you finish with this packet you should know the difference between osteopenia and osteomalacia. You should also be able to talk comfortably about what risk factors are. Remember that risk factors only increase your chances of getting a disease (in most cases). You could do everything right to avoid a disease but still not be so lucky; sometimes we cannot escape biology no matter what we do. Also you should be familiar with the term etiology, the causes of diseases.

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This video introduces the disease osteoporosis and some common disease terms you need to be familiar with

Source: Self made

Osteoporosis Terms

Source: Self Made