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OTC and Other Products

OTC and Other Products

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Name different over-the-counter medications.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to say the different types of over-the-counter medicine in Spanish. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. La Medicina que No Necesita Receta y Otros Productos (Over-the-Counter and Other Products)

1. La Medicina que no Necesita Receta y Otros Productos (Over-the-Counter and Other Products)

The following chart provides vocabulary that you can use to discuss over-the-counter medication and pharmacy products that patients may need.

English Spanish Pronunciation
thermometer el termómetro ale tare-moe-me-troh
cough syrup el jarabe para la tos ale ha-rah-bay pa-rah la tohs
cough drops las pastillas para la tos lahs pa-stee-yahs pa-rahlatohs
nose drops unas gotas para la nariz oo-nahs go-tahs pa-rah la nah-reece
ibuprofen el ibuprofeno ale ee-boo-pro-fay-no
tylenol® el tylenol ® ale tee-lay-nole
acetaminophen el acetaminofén ale ah-see-tah-me-no-fane
aspirin la aspirina la ah-spee-ree-nah
cotton el algodón ale all-go-doan
bandage un vendaje oon bane-dah-hay
Band-Aid ® una curita oo-nah koo-ree-tah
tape esparadrapo ace-pa-rah-drah-poe
antihistamine el antihistamínico ale ahn-tee-ees-tah-me-nee-koh
pseudophedrine la seudofedrina la say-oo-doe-fay-dree-nah
decongestant el descongestionante ale dace-cone-hay-stee-oh-nahn-tay
appetite suppressant el supresor del apetito ale sue-pray-sore dale ah-pay-tee-toe
sleeping pill una medicina somnífera oo-nah may-dee-see-nah soam-nee-fay-rah
vitamins las vitaminas lahs bee-tah-me-nahs
antacid el antiácido ale ahn-tee-ah-see-doe
oil el aceite ale ah-say-tay
ointment el ungüento ale oon-g'wayne-toe
calamine lotion la crema de calamina la cray-ma day kah-la-me-nah
hydrocortisone la hidrocortisona la ee-droh-core-tee-so-nah
hydrogen peroxide el peróxido de hidrógeno ale pay-roke-see-doe day ee-droh-hay-no
rubbing alcohol el alcohol para fricciones ale all-koh-ole pa-rah freak-see-oh-nace
contraceptive un contraceptivo oon cone-trah-sape-tee-bow
condom un condón oon cone-doan

In this lesson, you learned how to say the names of over-the-counter and other products in Spanish. This vocabulary provides an important foundation, as the later lessons in this course will teach you how to give accurate directions for medication use, including warnings of side effects and drug interactions.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.