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Our Blog Project

Our Blog Project


Students will learn what a blog is and how to create and post to a blog.

Students will learn about RSS Feeds and maintain a RSS Reader account.

Students will follow blogs and comment to them appropriately.

Students will learn about digital citizenship and learn how to become responsible digital citizens.

With these lessons students will learn about blogs, create a blog, post to blogs, as well as follow blogs and comment to them.  Students will create an account with a RSS Reader, subscribe to blogs, and watch for updates via the RSS Reader account.  Students will maintain the blogs throughout the duration of the course.

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Blogging Rubric

Rubric used for student blogs


Rules of Netiquette

10 Simple Rules of Netiquette


Our Blog Project Google Site

Here is the site to Our Blog Project (still in development)

What is a Blog?

Anatomy of a blog and worksheet for "What is a Blog"


Rules and Guidelines for Our Blog Project

Here is the agreement students will sign for Our Blog Project