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Our Founding Fathers and Their Contributions to the Development of our Country

Our Founding Fathers and Their Contributions to the Development of our Country

Author: Taylor Lanning

5.H.2.1 Summarize the contributions of our "Founding Fathers" to the development of our country.

This lesson was made for fifth grade level students and focuses on Social Studies. This lesson teaches students that our Founding Fathers were the Presidents that created the Constitution which protects our rights and freedom as American citizens. This lesson allows students to choose a Founding Father of their choice and find a quote along with researching a way their Founding Father contributed to the development of the United States. Students will share with the class the information they found which will allow them to communicate and collaborate with their classmates when learning new facts. Overall, I want the students to understand the concept that typically, a strong leader creates transformation.

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Our Founding Fathers & Their Contributions to the Development of Our Country

This video was made off of an app called Zoom. It was my first time making a lesson via video. This video is meant for students to learn about our Founding Fathers and their contributions to the development of our country through the Constitution. They are to do further research and share what they have found with the class the next day which will allow them to collaborate and communicate with one another about the lesson.