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Outcomes and Competencies

Outcomes and Competencies


In this lesson, students define outcomes and competencies and evaluate the importance of outcomes and competencies.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Outcomes & Competencies

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Notes on "Outcomes & Competencies"

(00:00-00:29) Intro

(00:30-01:18) Objectives

(01:19-02:26) What Is An Outcome?

(02:27-03:23) How Are Outcomes and Objectives Different?

(03:24-05:08) Why Are Outcomes and Objectives Important?

(05:09-06:51) What Are Competencies?

 (06:52-07:03) Review

(07:04-07:26) Reflection

Additional Resources

Tips on Writing Learning Outcomes

This University of Illinois site provides step by step directions to writing strong learning outcomes. The directions are connected to Bloom's Taxonomy.

Writing Measurable Learning Outcomes

This handout provides comprehensive directions on writing measurable learning outcomes. The handout includes Bloom's Taxonomy and Action Verbs. In addition, there are clear strategies to align outcomes to performance tasks.

What Are Learning Objectives?

This site defines and provides examples of learning objectives. It provides directions on writing learning objectives and provides examples of crafted objectives.