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Outlook Web for COMP 1000

Outlook Web for COMP 1000

Author: Fred Prasuhn

At the end of this tutorial, ATC learners will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of using Outlook Web in place of Outlook 2010.
  2. Complete SAM 2010 OUT exercises as assigned for COMP 1000 course.


Learners my watch either of the presentation format. Athens Technical College uses SAM 2010 for its introductory computer course COMP 1000. The Outlook text materials that coordinate with SAM 2010 do not coincide with student e-mail accounts. Student accounts are built on web mail. This tutorial demonstrates the differences and provide learners information needed to complete OUT chapter and assignments.

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Opening ATC Student Email (PowerPoint version)

This is an alternative format to the video provided. Both include the same information.

Once you review the presentation, return to Angel and your textbook to complete your work.

Source: Fred Prasuhn using Wink and PowerPoint. (c) 2012.

Opening ATC Student Email on Campus

Watch the video. Return to your Angel session and your textbook to complete assignments.

Source: Created by Fred Prasuhn using Firefox web browser, Wink, and Windows Movie Maker. (c) 2012