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Overview of Content Standards

Overview of Content Standards


This lesson provides students with the ability to locate and utilize content standards in objectives and I can statements

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Notes on "Overview of Content Standards"

(00:00-00:11) Intro

(00:12-00:32) Objectives

(00:33-01:00) Content Standards Overview

(01:01-02:45) Creating Objectives & I Can Statements

(02:46-04:27) Strengths & Weaknesses

(04:28-08:16) Finding the Standards

(08:17-09:10) Major Differences from Traditional Ed

(09:11-09:32) Review

(09:33-10:19) Reflection

Additional Resources

Common Core State Standards Initiative

The official web site for the Common Core ELA and Math Standards. This web site is an easy to navigate portal including the ELA anchor standards; standards by grade; Literacy Standards for History and Social Studies; Literacy Standards for Science and the technical areas; Math practice standards; and math standards by grade. In addition to the complete set of standards, this site includes the appendices to the standards which include student work samples, suggested texts, implementation guidance, and instructional strategies.


Common Core State Standards: Implementation Tools and Resources

This site provides resources on Teaching with the Common Core State Standards which is great implementation tool for teachers who are integrating Common Core Standards into their lessons and instruction.This handbook provides an overview of available videos, presentations, and documents designed to support CCSS implementation. Each resource includes a brief overview to assist you in finding the best tools to meet your needs. Most videos present clear rationales and strategies for implementation.