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P. E. Project-Based Learning Curriculum

P. E. Project-Based Learning Curriculum

Author: Rebecca Bethea

Students will explore the contributing factors that can be applied to improve or decrease personal levels of fitness and nutrition, and learn how to assess individual fitness and nutrition levels in order to create an individualized plan for improving wellness.


The project-based learning assignment is comprised of 9 milestones; which the students will complete the outline projects.

1.    Writing – Students will write an individualized workout and Dietary plan for a specific case
2.    Reading/Research – Students will complete a research project evaluating the nutritional value of the school provided lunches.  They will be required to work in small groups and conduct their own investigation on what is being served and what the students are choosing to eat. They must evaluate and recommend suggested idea for improvement.  
3.    Art Forms – students will create posters to promote healthy living and lifestyles
4.    Field Trip – students will visit the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and explore the rigorous level of Training implemented for Olympic hopefuls  
5.    Service Learning Project – Students will plan and host a community health fair focused on promoting healthy choices and wellness lifestyles for the students in their school. 
6.    P.E. Content - Students will create and publish a group bases fitness exercise video  
7.    Technology – Students will create a school wide Google site with helpful resources for student to use to improve fitness and nutrition
8.    Content I – Science Students will explore the physiological challenges that are faced when training transitions from lower to higher altitude
9.    Content II – History and Social Studies: Students will explore history of their selected sports 


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Wellness Project Calendar


Project Table of Contents

Compiled in the file is a list of all the needed files for implementation of this project


M9> Task 2 Example

Task 2 Demo/Example


M9> Task 1 Worksheet

this is a worksheet used to demonstration understanding and completion of task 1


Milestone 9 Tasks Social Studies Content

Compiled in this file are the needed task for completion of milestone 9


M8 > Task 3 Worksheet

this worksheet is used to demonstrate understanding and completion of task 3


M8 > Task 2 Worksheet

This worksheet is used to demonstrate student understanding and completion of task 2


M8 > Task 1 Worksheet

This worksheet is a small quiz the demonstrates student completion of Task 1


Milestone 8 Tasks SCIENCE CONTENT

Compiled in the folder are the needed task for completion of tasks for Milestone 8


Milestone 7 Tasks Technology

This file compiles the tasks needed to complete Milestone 7


M6> Task 1 Rubric

This is a descriptive rubric that provides students with grading detailed useful for performing well for task 1


M6> Task 1 Video Assignment

This is a written form describing the the video assignment for task 1


Milestone 6 Tasks P.E. Content

Complied in the filed are the needed task to complete milestone 6


M5> Task 2 Mtg 2

This is a tool that the students can use to record and maintain meeting structure and progress.


M5> Task 1 Mtg 1

The is a tool the students can use to help maintain and record meeting structure and progress.


Milestone 5 Tasks SERVICE LEARNING

Compiled in the folder are the needed task for completion of Milestone 5. The students will plan and host a community health fair.


Milestone 4 Tasks 2 Virtual Field Trip Quiz

This is a quiz corresponding with the virtual field trip prepared for student who were unable to join


M4 > Olympic Training Center Virtual Field Trip

This is a virtual tour of the facilities and attractions at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs

Milestone 4 Tasks

Enclosed in this file are the list of task needed to complete milestone 4


M3>Task 3 Example

Example of Health Promotion Final Image


M3>Task 2 Example

Example of task 2 rough draft image


M3>Task 1 Example

Task 1 Example Collection of Health Promotion Images


Milestone 3 Tasks ART

This files list all the tasks needed for completion of milestone 3


M2> Writing Rubric

This is a the rubric by which the final writing assignment will be scored


M2>Task 5 Final

Final Wellness Plan Example


M2>Task 4 Edit Coding

This is the coding shift for the symbols used as edit corrections


M2>Task 4 Edit

Edit Example


M2>Task 3 Revision

Revision Example


M2>Task 1 Draft

Draft Example


M2>Task 1 Pre-Write Template

This worksheet is an example of a skeleton for the wellness plan. It utilizes questions that students can answer to help generate a rough draft


Milestone 2 Tasks WRITING

This file is comprised of all the task for Milestone 2.


M1> Task 4 Example

This is an example a how the students can analyze the survey results.


M1> Task 3 Survey Example

This survey is a sample of the completed task 3


M1> Task 2 Worksheet

This worksheet corresponds with task 2; it requires the students to select, analyze and compare nutrition food labels


M1> Task 1 Worksheet

This is a worksheet that is to be completed with task one; it is used to demonstrate understudying of the National Nutritional Guidelines


Project Milestones

This file has a detailed list of all milestones and task


Milestone 1 Tasks

Compiled here are the last for Milestone 1 - Reading


Project Description (One pager)

This is a one page description that list all project milestone at a glance.