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P04-02 Mass vs. Weight and Newton's 2nd Law of Motion

P04-02 Mass vs. Weight and Newton's 2nd Law of Motion


We return to the description of weight and mass, and then we derive Newton's 2nd Law of Motion.

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My video first addresses the distinction between mass and weight. To help understand this, look at SCREENCAST#1 (MASS AND WEIGHT).  Next up was the relationship between mass and acceleration, which hearkens back to inertia.  This INTERACTIVE FIGURE is noted in the video, so you can click on it.  Finally, it is all put together in Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, which is further addressed in this SCREENCAST #2 (2nd LAW) and the author's video below.

Source: (C) 2016, Pearson

Author's Description of Newton's 2nd Law

Source: (c) 2016, Pearson