P1 1.4 Conduction

P1 1.4 Conduction

Author: Gemma Boyson
  • What materials make the best conductors?
  • What materials make the best insulators?
  • Why are metals good conductors?
  • Why are non-metals poor conductors?
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P1 1.4 Conduction

Short video covering conduction and heat transfer in solids for AQA GCSE Physics P1 1.4

Source: Rich Pepperell

P1 1.4 Conduction

Conduction of heat energy

Source: Gemma Boyson

Past Paper Question

Have a go at this past-paper question. Read the examiners comments when you've finished.

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AQA GCSE Core Science P1 Conduction

This video outlines the process of heat conduction. Its for the AQA GCSE Core Science course, and helps you to explain conduction through kinetic theory. Conduction, linked to kinetic theory for GCSE science for AQA.