P1 1.8 Specific Heat Capacity

P1 1.8 Specific Heat Capacity

Author: Gemma Boyson
  • How does the mass of a substance affect how quickly its temperature changes when it is heated?
  • What else affects how quickly the temperature of a substance changes when it is heated?
  • How do storage heaters work?
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Kerboodle P1 1.8 Interactive Activity: Specific Heat Capacity


Follow the link and log in to kerboodle for this interactive activity.

Source: kerboodle.com

P1 1.8 Specific Heat Capacity

Short video explaining what specific heat capacity is and how it can be calculated for AQA GCSE Physics P1 1.8

Source: Rich Pepperell

AQA GCSE Core Science and P1 - Specific Heat Capacity

A short video to help you revise for your science exam for AQA core science and P1 about specific heat capacity.