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Page One: Identifying What You Have to Offer to Employers

Page One: Identifying What You Have to Offer to Employers

Author: Essential Skills
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What is an accomplishment? Watch this video to better understand the difference between job duties and accomplishments.

Turning Job Duties into Accomplishment Statements

Read the list of job duties in the left column below. In the right column, you will see how it can be reworded into an accomplishment statement.

Job Duties Accomplishment Statements
Create engaging curriculum and a rich learning environment for students Obtained 100% positive course evaluations and improved student pass rate by 5% after updating course materials to align with textbook and including interactive modules
Provide education services to clinical nursing staff regarding the clinical specialty Increased patient satisfaction 5% by training all clinical nurses on updated procedures and instituting regular procedural reviews
Responsible for meeting the individual needs of residential mental health clients by providing support, guidance, training, and supervision Built therapeutic relationships with clients through listening, providing support during high stress situations, and making referrals to agencies, promoting client stabilization
Manage assigned project activities in order to meet or exceed client and company expectations Earned Star Employee award for exceeding client expectations by delivering project two weeks before deadline, saving $10K, and leading to $1M in further business from client
Prepare and provide employee training and/or presentations Shortened new-hire onboarding time 25% by designing and delivering training, incorporating both online modules and classroom presentations
Lead, develop, and manage technology projects in a complex environment with multiple business customers and vendors/alliances Led technology upgrade project, adding functionality and revenue generation potential, by coordinating multiple vendors and managing project team of five developers and testers