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Page Six: Communicating Your Accomplishments in an Interview

Page Six: Communicating Your Accomplishments in an Interview

Author: Essential Skills
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Watch this video to learn how to share an accomplishment in an interview.


This activity will teach you how to use the stories you have developed when responding to interview questions.

1. Choose 3 questions from the interview question list below.

2. Select an accomplishment story for each question that best demonstrates a relevant example.

3. Use the CARD technique to develop thoughtful and complete answers that you can convey in about a minute.

4. Practice responding to each question by: a. Sharing your response with a trusted individual, or b. Recording your response using your phone or a webcam.

Interview Question List:

1. Give an example of a goal you set and share how you achieved it.

2. Tell me about a time when you resolved a problem.

3. What did you do in your last job to contribute towards teamwork?

Here is an example of incorporating accomplishment stories into an interview:

Example Question
: Tell me about a time when you resolved a problem.
Example response using the CARD model

--Challenge: While working as a Team member at XYZ Industries, my supervisor shared that our customer satisfaction scores were down due to delays in order fulfillment.

--Action: In addition to managing my other responsibilities, I reviewed our current processes, collecting input and ideas from my teammates, put together recommendations for my supervisor to review. We then proposed these changes to management, got approval and implemented an updated order picking and packing process.

--Result: The next set of customer satisfaction scores were improved by 10%.

--Details: The details are italicized in the above example.