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PAIRIN 10 Skills Survey

PAIRIN 10 Skills Survey

Author: Essential Skills

Discover a new way to assess your skill strengths and weaknesses.

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Your path through the 10 Skills Certificate program is flexible - you may have received feedback on certain skills to focus on, or you may be advised to start with a certain cluster of skills based on your role and industry.We recommend getting started by completing the PAIRIN 10 Skills Survey.

The survey will help you learn more about your strengths and areas to develop across the 10 Skills. You may also sign up for a free coaching session to discuss your results and reflect on specific areas you would like to grow in.

The PAIRIN Survey is a 300-word adjective checklist that measures 102 essential skills. There are two parts:

  • Select the adjectives that represent the "usual" YOU. Relax, answer honestly, and describe the way you are most of the time. Your choices won't be visible to anyone.
  • Review your selections in the left column and update the right column to reflect how you'd prefer to be in an ideal world.
  • There is no time limit, it will likely take you between 10 -15 minutes to complete.
To access the survey please click here:

Once you complete the survey, you will be redirected to PAIRIN Personal. This is a simplified dashboard showing you some of your top strengths.

After completing the 10 Skills Certificate, you will also have an opportunity to take this 10 Skills Survey again to see in what ways you have developed your skills and what areas you may want to develop even further.