Pancreatic Hormones

Pancreatic Hormones


This lesson will identify the role of the hormones associated with the pancreas in maintaining blood glucose levels.

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  • Pancreatic Islets

    Islets of cells on the pancreas containing cells that manufacture the hormones insulin and glucagon along with many exocrine secretions for the digestive system; also referred to as the islets of Langerhans.

  • Alpha Cells

    Cells of the pancreas that secrete glucagon.

  • Glucagon

    A hormone released by alpha cells in the pancreas which raises blood sugar levels.

  • Beta Cells

    Cells of the pancreas which secrete insulin.

  • Insulin

    A hormone released by beta cells in the pancreas which lowers blood sugar levels.

  • Delta Cells

    Cells of the pancreas which secrete somatostatin.

  • Somatostatin

    The exact function of this hormone is not well understood but it’s believed that it may help regulate alpha and beta cell activity along with some digestive functions.