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Paper 2   Practise papers

Paper 2 Practise papers

Author: donya ernst

Revision papers: differentiated

Paper 1 - Discoveries

Paper 2 - Titanic Sinks

AQA Paper 2 Speciman Material 2 Ques 1 - 5 + Model Responses

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Exam Revision Booklet - Paper 1 and 2


5 Mini Mocks - Paper 2

There are 5 practise papers here with different texts.


Post Mortem Mock; Impressing the Examiner Paper 2

Paper 2 wk 30 Language tasks; Post Mortem Mocks


Paper 2 Discoveries


Paper 2 Titanic


Instructions, tips and definitions in preparation for AQA Paper 2 Specimen Material 2

Glastonbury vs Greenwich
Includes ques 1 - 5

AQA Paper 2 Specimen 2: Glastonbury and Greenwich texts


AQA Paper 2 Specimen 2 Glastonbury and Greenwich Ques Sheets


AQA Paper 2 Specimen 2: Glastonbury and Greenwich Model Responses

Annotated model responses, vocabulary and sentence prompts are provided as an example.
For Ques 2 - 5