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Paper Writing: A Brief Overview

Paper Writing: A Brief Overview

Author: Saul Phillips

This learning packet should familiarize students with the basic steps to follow when writing a paper. Students will become familiar with the writing process, brainstorming, and Venn Diagrams.

This packet explains the steps of the writing process with slides, graphic examples, written examples, and audio accompaniment. The audio files correspond to the slide immediately preceding each audio file.

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Writing Process - an approach to writing that views it as an ongoing experience that is more than simply sitting down to write. The writing process includes prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing, each stage of which has its own guidelines and procedures.

Venn Diagram - A graphic organizer designed to help students compare and contrast terms or concepts. For every term being compared, a circle is drawn, so that every circle overlaps with every other circle at some point. Qualities that are unique to one term go in that term's circle, and qualities that a term shares with another are written where the circles overlap.


Topic Selection and Research


Outline and Rough Draft

Editing and Revising