Parallel Construction

Parallel Construction

Author: Ms. K

    Introduce parallel construction and in what common situations it is preferred. 


    Explain how to repeat function words (e.g. prepositions, subordinators, etc.) between parallel structures.


    Explain how to present lists with parallel construction and how to avoid missing forms (e.g. prepositional phrases with noun phrases, infinitives with gerunds, etc.)


    Explain how to present paired ideas in a similar grammatical form for effect.


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand English writing style and who is confused about how to use parallel construction. It will explain when parallel construction is preferred and common errors with parallel construction.

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Parallel Sentence Construction is...

  • found when each element in a pair or list is grammatically structured the same way.
  • usually preferred when a list or pair is present.
  • used in this list.  (Notice how each item is grammatically the same and works with the first part of the sentence above.)

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How to Make a Sentence Parallel

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