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Author: Kyle Webb
  • Define a transversal
  • Discover and apply angle relationships
    • Alternate Exterior Angles
    • Alternate Interior Angles
    • Corresponding Angles
    • Same-side Interior Angles
  • Define an a parallelogram and apply its (5) properties


In this section we will look at a special type of quadrilateral known as a parallelogram.  We will review properties of parallel and perpendicular lines as well as develop an understanding of the angle relationships created by parallel lines and traversals.  Parallelograms have unique properties that will help us further explore the concepts of parallel lines and angle relationships, as well. 

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If we have two parallel lines, let's say m and n, and we "cut" those two lines with another line, t,  we call that line a transversal.

Source: MICDS Integrated Mathematics 1 Notes

Corresponding Angles

Source: Geogebra

Alternate Interior Angles

Source: Geogebra

Alternate Exterior Angles

Source: Geogebra

Same Side Interior Angles

Source: Geogebra


Source: Geogebra