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Paraphrasing, Summary and Quotation

Paraphrasing, Summary and Quotation

Author: Caitlin Malik

To instruct students in appropriate use of paraphrasing, summary and quotation.


Essential Questions:

Other than citation, how else can I avoid plagiarizing?

What is paraphrasing?

What is summary?

What are quotations?

How do I use all three appropriately and effectively?


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Tutorial Aspects:

  1. What is paraphrasing?
  2. What is summary?
  3. What is quotation?
  4. How do I use these skills?


Learning Plan: watch / read ppt. or video. Both contain similar information.




ESL 501


Focus on tutorial aspects


Self test on Avoiding Plagiarism Worksheet here:


Thursday Class Prep:

Be ready to practice all three skills on material provided in class.


Friday Class: practice through a plagiarism game:


** students who have not completed certification from Tutorial One will need to do so in this class **